Safety and Security

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Some recommendations on safety and security

Road Travel


In order to drive a vehicle into Russia you will need to provide the following documents:

– Car registration
– Valid insurance document
– Your driving license
– Passport

The vehicle will need to be declared with the customs authority at the port of entry into the Russian Federation. Vehicles can be brought into the Russian Federation without the payment of import taxes for a maximum period of one year.

Road conditions can often be poor, especially outside the major cities. You should comply with all local speed limits. The standard speed limit for built-up areas is 60kph (37mph). Outside built-up areas 90kph (55mph) and 110kph (62mph) on motorways. Visiting motorists who have held a driving licence for less than two years must not exceed 70kph (43mph). It is common practice for traffic police to stop motorists for spot checks. There is a zero tolerance policy towards drink-driving.

Rail Travel

If you are travelling by overnight train in a sleeping compartment, store valuables in the container under the bed or seat. Do not leave your sleeping compartment unoccupied as some compartments only have a simple lock on the sliding door. On some trains there may be an additional security device which can be attached to the fitted handle/lock unit. There may also be a steel switch at head-height on the door panel which, when pulled down, prevents the closed door from being slid open.

When travelling by train do not agree to look after the luggage of a fellow traveller or allow it to be stored in your compartment.

Air Travel

International travellers transiting through Moscow should be aware that British and US nationals require a visa to enter the Russian Federation.


The vast majority of visits made to Russia by British and US nationals are trouble-free. But petty crime does happen in cities. Be alert at all times to the possibility of mugging, pick pocketing and theft from vehicles or hotel rooms and to groups of women and children who beg. Pay attention when drinking alcohol.
Racially motivated attacks do occur in Russia. They tend to increase around 20 April, the anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birthday. Although the great majority of visitors experience no difficulties, there has been a substantial increase in the number of attacks on foreign nationals, especially in large urban areas. Travellers of Asian or Afro-Caribbean descent should take extra care.

We will gladly help you and your filming crew to make the risk assesment.