Filming in Arkhangelsk: the cultural capital of the Russian North

History. General information for any TV Production or filming in Arkhangelsk

Filming in Arkhangelsk with all the required film permissions

One of the largest cities in the Russian North and the first Russian port. Arkhangelsk is situated at the mouth of the Northern Dvina river, few miles from where it falls into the White sea. The winters here are long and cold. In wintertime, days are dark, there is thick ice on the Dvina. But in summer you can film around Arkhangelsk the famous northern white nights.

Arkhangelsk is 1h 40min flight from Moscow and 1h 20min flight from Saint-Petersburg. As the main seaport of Russia before XVIII c, Arkhangelsk linked Russia to Britain and Scandinavia. During the both World Wars in XX c., the city was an entry point of the Allies aid. It’s the perfect filming location for stories about Lend-Lease and the Northen convoy.

Filming locations and events in Arkhangelsk.

The historical center of the city was built in XVII – XX cc. mainly by wealthy merchant and peasant families. Some of their houses have been preserved to this day around the pedestrian street of Chumbarova-Luchinskogo, as well as in historical Solombala district located on an island, home of the shipyards. The most notable of them are the Antonov’s homestead, the Dmitrievsky hydrotherapy clinic, the Chudinov’s homestead and the so-called ‘Marfa’s house’.

For filming Arkhangelsk’s everyday life we recommend the embankment of the Northern Dvina, which also appears to be the main avenue in the city. Here you will find the well-restored Surkov’ mansion with carvings and painting, the Lutheran church that nowadays houses the Arkhangelsk Philharmonic and also the prominent building of the Gostiny Dvor where in the XVII c. shopping arcades were located.

Our fixers can help you in filming the international open-air theatre festival. It attracts artists from all over the world. For six summer days the streets of the northern city enjoying a unique atmosphere of a carnival.

Filming traditional activities in Arkhangelsk region. Russian rural life.

Another key location in Arkhangelsk is the Malye Karely wooden architecture museum. Named after a local ethnic group ‘korely’, this architectural ensemble stays in the middle of the dense northern forest and consists of several izbas, a mill, and two wooden churches. It is a perfect site for filming traditional activities. FilmSPbTV can provide you permits for filming in Arkhangelsk inside of the izbas and use authentic artifacts of the time.

The Russian North is famous for its peculiar painting style, bone and wood carvings, and wooden handicrafts. Our local fixers can help you in filming at the Margaritinskaya fair. It’s the largest fair of the region where you can find all the handicraft goods. Also on this fair people perform traditional activities. Singing is a popular one: traditional Pomor choirs perform a very special kind of music characteristic for this region of Russia. Some areas require permits for visiting the “border zone areas”.

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