Filming in Kostroma – historic trade spot with great wooden architecture.

Main information for filming in Kostroma

One of the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia, Kostroma is a major river port located at the confluence of the Volga and Kostroma rivers. The city of Kostroma is 340km northeast from Moscow and 811km southeast from Saint-Petersburg. Filming in Kostroma is very cheap (accommodation, transport
Originally Kostroma was an important trading spot for merchants from all over Russia and thus is famous for its Trading Arcades: an open vaulted gallery in the historical center of the city, Susaninskaya square. Nowadays this building is a market. You can buy here local hand-crafted cheese, textile and jewelry.

Best locations for a TV production or filming in Kostroma.

The architectural ensemble of Susaninskaya square consists mainly of buildings of the late XVIII-XIX cc. They are: the Old Fire Tower which is the main symbol of the city, the homestead of lieutenant-general Borschov, the Guardhouse, and the monument to Ivan Susanin, a Kostroma’s peasant who saved the Russian Crown during the Time of Troubles (early XVII c.). This site is perfect for filming, as it offers a historically accurate representation of a big provincial Russian city with typical architecture of Imperial Russia, and is also a place actually inhabited by people – a busy city center where cultural events are often held. City life can be filmed on the embankment of the Volga river, a popular place among Kostroma’s citizens and tourists.

An elegant gazebo built in the 1950s in honor of the celebrated Russian playwright Alexander Ostrovsky is located there. The Volga River has a very special place in Ostrovsky’s works. The Kostroma State Drama Theatre is called after Ostrovsky, and each year it hosts Ostrovsky theater festival.

Our Kostroma fixers can help you in filming one of the first Russian theatres and the cultural activities that take place there.
In difference to other traditional Orthodox cities of the golden Ring – Kostroma is a multi-religious city . It is home to Muslims and Protestants (there are communities of Baptists, Pentecostals, Lutherans, and Adventists). Also here is one of the Russian largest Old Believers’ centers. The Old Believers’ community mainly consisted of wealthy merchant clans, so they sponsored the construction of several temples. The most notable among them is the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour, built amid the XVII c. Its interior walls have frescoes with biblical subjects on them.

Other locations worth visiting in Kostroma

  • The Ipatiev Monastery: a huge male monastery built in the XIV c. with richly decorated temples
  • The Resurrection Church on the Lowlands: a XVII c. temple with a big iconostasis and frescoes
  • St. John Zlatoust Church: a Baroque temple situated in the center of the city
  • Bogoyavlensky Convent: one of the biggest Orthodox convents in Russia
  • The city also has a synagogue built entirely of wood.

‘Kostroma’s Sloboda’ is a museum of vernacular wooden architecture, one of the first open-air museums in Russia. With its wooden churches and houses, it offers a glimpse into the life of the ancient Russian countryside. The Museum is very much suitable for filming traditional activitie, particularly during celebrations and festivals organized there throughout the year.
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