Filming in Saint Petersburg

filming St Petersburg at winter FilmspbTVSaint Petersburg has significant historical and cultural heritage and is thus a highly attractive filming destination.

Why Saint Petersburg is so attractive to film crews? First of all the city has a great 18th and 19th century architectural ensemble that was kept unchanged. Any filming that has to deal with the late XVIII or XIX century can find great locations for this particular period. The outlook of the historical centre of the city is the key advantage for this filming location. Saint Petersburg is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It has 36 historical architectural complexes, and around 4000 outstanding individual monuments of architecture. That’s why over 300 international movies were filmed in Saint Petersburg. Under different names this city always was highly attractive for tourists from all over the world – St Petersburg, Leningrad, Petrograd. Nowadays St Petersburg has two times more tourists than Moscow. The gigant river Neva divedes the city into multiple islands. Many bridges that link these islands open suring the naviagation season.

Filming facilities and tips for Saint Petersburg

The recommended period for filming with good weather is from late April till late September. Winter filmings are possible from mid-November will late March.

The filming production facilities include two big companies that posess pavilions of all sizes. Many minor companies provide high class equipment rental services. Local film crews are world-classs and highly professional. All kinds of special transport is available for rental in the city – camera vans, lights and grip trucks, make up vagons, generators, etc.

Pulkovo international airport connects the city with most european capitals. Customs procedures for carnet ATA are easy to undertake here. High quality boradcast facilities and sound studios are available in Saint Petersburg. FilmspbTV can provide you spanish, english, arabic, french and chinese speaking fixers.

Key filming locations: The Hermitage. One of the most popular museums in Europe. Thus getting a film permit there takes time.

Mariinsky theatre (ex Kirov theatre). The place for filming classic ballet.

Catherine palace in Pushkin, particulary the amber room. Because of the quantity of tourists filming there is limited, but possible.

St Isaak and Kazan Kathedral, as well as the Cathedral on spilled blood. World famous landmarks of the city.


Local Time: Moscow, St. Petersburg: +3 (GMT + 3:00)

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