Medical services throughout Russsia

Emergency services and Basic medical care is provided free to every person in the country. The quality of public healthcare is lower than in most advanced countries. Largest cities such as Moscow, St Petersburg, Kazan have many private options.

Recommended vaccines when traveling to Russia: Routine vaccines, Hepatitis A.

If your film production in Russia takes place in the nature – please consider doing the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine. Particulary important for filming in summer in Altai region, Baikal region and Buryatia.

Do not drink tap water! Local water is well disinfected and clean but may contain Klebsiella bacteria. Locals are immune to them, but a foreigner can suffer stomach upset!!!

Although rabies can be found in dogs, bats, and other mammals in Russia, it is not a major risk to most travelers. We recommend doing this vaccine if your filming will be related to:

  • film caving or adventure travel
  • visiting remote areas of Russia
  • if you plan camping, hiking or biking

Since new Russian legislation was introduced in June 2016 – medication containing certain strong or poisonous substances must be declared to the Russian Customs Services when you enter the country.  Please contact us to check the list of medications you import to the country.

You should make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance if your country doesn’t have a reciprocal health agreement with Russia.