The best locations for filming in Russia

FilmspbTV invites you to film in Russia. Amazing locations are waiting for you!

The country has four climatic zones spread along 11 time zones. Here you will find lots of useful information about locations and filming in the following cities in Russia:

Saint Petersburg Production Team (FilmspbTV) provides location scouting and location management services in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Siberia and the Russian Arctic.

Our scouts and fixers in Russia will find the perfect location for your project in a minimal time. If you need any kind of information and photos of Russian locations – contact us:

General questions e-mail to:
Location manager and location scout in Saint Petersburg, Russia:
We can make a selection of places with a complete description and multiple photos.

You have to tell us what exactly you are looking for and on which details we have to focus. For example: “Nice locations in Saint-Petersburg“, “Russian plants”, “Russian forests”, “Revolution places in Saint Petersburg”. We will find for you “A mansion of the 2nd half of the 19th century with a yard”, “Draw bridges”, “Military units”. Even “A field where is possible to film how russians plant potatoes” is a doable request. Saint Petersburg has many buildings and streets that can be used for a reconstruction of the 19th century. For any scouting request we will provide you a detailed report with multiple photos. Apart from the information about the place (fee, transport accessibility, legal owner, etc.) we will provide you the information about the sun path at this place. We will also send you a list of permits needed and a time estimate for preparing the location for filming.

More information about the location scouting services that we provide in Russia. 

If for any reason some location doesn’t fit to your requirements (too expensive to film inside the Hermitage) – our experienced managers can help you finding a cost-effective alternative. We will make your filming in Russia smooth and easy

Subtropical and Temperate climatic zones in Russia

An incredible variety of natural landscapes and attractive architecture. From south to north: the Subtropical region with pictoresque seaside of the Black, Caspian or Azov sea next to the great Caucasus mountains. Great possibilities for filming winter sports in Russia – all the facilities for the Sochi olympics are situated in this area as well as the Sochi F1 track. We have fixers based in Sochi.

The Temperate zone areas are more than two thirds of the landmass of Russia. From the far-eastern Pacific zone till the Atlantic-continental zone. All along the trans-Siberian railroad that can bring you from Moscow to Vladivostok you can find grat filming locations: St Petersburg, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Yakutsk and many other great cities. Great nature and large areas that give many possibilities for filming nature in Russia. FilmspbTV has fixers at 5 cities in this zone that can facilitate a project of any complexity.

The Arctic and Subarctic climatic zones in Russia

Subarctic zone areas: Chukotka, Murmansk, the White sea region. Amazing northern nature, abandoned military bases and permafrost. Filming in this region in Russia is always challenging but brings great results. Special gear and equipment may be needed for a project in this area.

Arctic zone: Taimir and Yamal peninsulas and the russian Arctic. Perfect for filming russian nomadic tribes, reindeer herders and stories about extreme conditions. Our can travel from Saint Petersburg, Murmansk or Krasnoyarsk.

Our Russian fixers and production managers have production experience in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Yakutia, Sochi, Russian Arctic region, Buryatia, Kamchatka and Vladivostok.

Contact us for filming a great story in any of the following Russian cities: