Commercial video production in Russia

The commercials our company produced in Russia

Commercial for “American Tourister”

City: St Petersburg, Russia

Locations: St Isaac Cathedral, amusement park “Divo Ostrov”, cafe “Mechtateli”, summer garden, spit of the Vasilievsky island, Metro station “Obvodniy Canal”

Services provided: Casting, Location scout, Local film crew hire, Equipment rental, Set dressing, Logistics, Catering, Film permits

Local crew: DOP, Gaffer crew, Grip Crew, Dolly crew, Art department, Actors, Makeup, Styling, administrators


Commercial for Xiaomi Mi filmed in Moscow, Russia

City: Moscow, Russia

Locations: Glavkino studios

Services provided: Location management, Set construction, Local film crew hire, Film equipment rental, Photo equipment rental, Makeup, Styling

Local crew: DIT, Focuspuller, Gaffer crew, Grip crew, Art department, FX, Makeup and Styling, administrators


Tissot History. The historic reconstruction was filmed in St Petersburg, Russia

City: St Petersburg and St Petersburg region
Locations: Summer palace, Palace square, the Hermitage facade, forest near Zelenogorsk town
Services provided: Location scouting, Local film crew hire, Equipment rental, Set dressing, FX, Logistics, Catering, Filming permits
Local crew: Gaffer crew, Grip crew, Dolly crew, FX and pyro, Props, Administrators

EA Sports FIFA 2018 World Cup Russia. Viral video with Rio Ferdinand and Lothar Matthaus.

City: Moscow
Locations: A pitch at the outskirts of Moscow
Services provided: Location scouting, Props manufacturing, Set dressing, Catering, Logistics, Adminitration
Local crew: Production manager, Props master, Art department, Administrators

Air Astana video. Casting and pert of the filming in St Petersburg, Russia

City: St Petersburg
Services provided: Casting of the actors, logistics/
Local crew: Casting director, Production manager, Actors

Helsinki Airport – “Coolest job ever”. Filming in St Petersburg, Russia

City: St Petersburg

Locations: Bus ride through the city, “Tkachi” loft

Services provided: Location scouting, locantion management, Permit-getting procedures, Casting, Props, Set dressing

Local crew: Casting director, Production manager, Actors


Facebook photoshoot “Asia-Pacific Small-Business Campaign” 

City: Vladivostok 

Locations: Fabrica “Zarya” 

Services provided: Location scouting, location management, Equipment rental and delivery from Moscow, Local crew hire, Permit-getting procedures, Casting, Props, Set dressing, Logistics Local crew: Lights assistants, Casting director, Props master, Stylist, Make up artists, Administrators

Photo equipment delivered from Moscow used on a photoshoot in Vladivostok

Other projects filmed by FilmspbTV in Russia, not available as a video online due to copyright restrictions:

Tiger Beer commercial. Reunion story filmed partly in St Petersburg, Russia.

Korean Air. “Backpack tourists”. Filmed in Moscow, St Petersburg, Irkutsk and Vladivostok.

Fazer corporate video. Filmed in St Petersburg, Russia


The backstage photos from different commercials filmed in Russia:

The services we provide for commercial filmings in Russia:

Location scouting

Casting services

Permit getting procedures

Sourcing the best local english-speaking film crew

Filming equipment rental and photo equipment rental

Local art department: set building and props manufacturing

Transport services: logistics and special vehicles

Catering. Let’s keep the crew happy giving them good food!

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