Budgeting for a film project in Russia

FilmspbTV is one of the few Russian production companies that follows european standarts in financial reports. We provide a 100% transparent budget with all the taxes obviously shown in it. Signing a bilingual contract will help both sides to control the terms and conditions of all the payments.

To be able to рresent yоu a budget prоpоsal for your film- or cine-production in Russia we will need to have as many details as possible. Ideally, we would like to have a look at your script and storyboard. Apart from that, a proper specification of the requirements of the camera department, grip, wardrobe, make-up, loсations in Russia, post-production etc, will enable us to be as рrecise as рossible when preparing our estimate.

Important to know about Russian tax rates:

  • From 2019 VAT in Russia equals to 20%.
  • The average payroll tax equals to 36%
Upon request, we can send you a rate card for all the production services we provide in Russia. Please contact us and share as much information as possible about your filming in Russia.

As a production company, we charge a 15% production fee.

All our customers can request a detailed financial report at any stage of the production process. We can prepare a financial report using your form if this is required.

Wire transfers and bank payments to Russia

Our company has accounts that can accept payments in Euro and in US dollars. The payments from abroad to Russia have to be sent via the SWIFT payment system. In our invoice you will find all the bank details required for the transaction. If you have any kind of questions regarding the payment – don’t hesitate and contact us as soon as possible.

With the current situation with the sanctions against Russian banks – we can organize the filming in Russia working via a company registered in Europe. Contact us for further information. 

Sanctions against Russian banks. Can we send money to Russia as a payment for a filming?

All the sanctions against Russian financial authorities are not applicable to bank accounts of privately-owned companies not mentioned into the sanctions lists. But at the moment wiring money to Russia takes over a week due to all the banking procedures. We also can offer you an option to work via our company registered in the European Union.

Contracts, insurances, Russian NDAs and other documents required for TV production in Russia

The legal department of FilmspbTV will gladly provide you support during your filming in Russia. We can share with you all the production documents that are composed considering Russian laws and regulations. All the contracts we use are bilingual: English and Russian or Spanish and Russian.

The NDAs we recommend using are composed based on the Russian legislation. Please request the Russian NDA from contacting us at [email protected].

Our Production managers can provide you comprehensive information about production insurances requirements in Russia. We work with reliable insurance companies rated internationally with the “AA” rating.