TV show production in Russia

Filming TV shows in Russia. Game shows, travel, action, adventure, science and lifestyle TV production in Russia

Russia as a filming location has incredible possibilities for filming all kinds of TV shows. Moscow and St Petersburg have many iconic locations that are easily recognizable and can obviously show that the action takes place in a remote country – in Russia. Moscow and Saint-Petersburg have great filming facilities – studios, professional filming equipment and great local TV crew. It’s easy to find a great gaffer or DOP, and the rates are relatively lower than the European ones. The art directors and set designers that can be hired in Russia are high-class professionals with great showreels. 

Russia has 11 time zones and cities in 4 different climatic zones. The far-east cities are ports of the Pacific Ocean, many northern Russian villages are situated in the Arctic zone, western regions like St Petersburg and Kaliningrad are next-door from Poland and Finland, and the southern part of the country can show off with the sports facilities in Sochi and the access to the Black, Azov and Kaspian seas.  

FilmspbTV knows many locations that can be used for creating great contests or stories about different Russian habits and traditions. Hundreds of cafes and restaurants that make great Russian, Buryat, Tatar or caucasian food. Due to the number of game shows, we filmed in Russia we know which traditional Russian activities can be converted into great visuals. 

In many Russian regions we know which local transport companies are reliable, which of the hotels not listed on are worth visiting and where to find a local guide who is english speaking and good looking in frame. 

TV shows filmed by FilmspbTV in Russia

The Top Gear in St Petersburg, Russia – BBC

The Top Gear, Season 22 episode 1. FilmspbTV was in charge for the organization of an episode of the great auto show. The filming took place in 2013 in St Petersburg, Russia. It was a very complex project. The concept of the episode was a race through St Petersburg of four kinds of vehicles: An electric car, a bike, a hovercraft and public transport. The three world-famous hosts together with Stig, the secret race driver, took a ride thorugh the historical part of the city.

The preparation took over two months. We had to facilitate over 20 permits from different Russian regional and federal authorities.

The production services we provided in St Petersburg: Location scouting, locations management, customs procedures, permit-getting procedures, filming equipment rental, vehicle rental, crew logistics, props facilitating and helicopter filming.

Locations used for the filming: Marina “Vostochniy”, Elagin palace, metro in St Petersburg, public roads, Peter and Paul fortress

Dark Tourister for Netflix

Dark Tourist is a very interesting Netflix documentary series. It tells about the phenomenon of “dark tourism”. The locations and stories shown in this show are gourgeous. We are proud to tell that our fixers were in charge of the episode filmed in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. FilmspbTV organized the visit of the host of the show to the launch of a Soyuz rocket to the ISS, as well as the filming of the lift off and erection of the rocket. Luckily our film crew got to the press conference given by the astronauts.

The production services provided: complex permit-getting procedures (Roskosmos – the Russian space authorities), location scouting, logistics

Locations for the filming in Kazakhstan: the city Baikonur, the launchpad, multiple museums in Baikonur

Secret Princes, episode in St Petersburg – TLC

Secret Princes – an American reality television series. Premiered on TLC in 2012. It shows the adventures of several nobles as they leave their home countries to look for love in America. 

For the episode in St Petersburg our production managers provided the following production services:

Location scouting, permit getting procedures, casting, logistics, local crew hire, catering, customs services.

Locations in St Petersburg: Alexander’s palace, March field, Vasilievsky island spit

JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald

HISTORY’s new six-part nonfiction series “JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald” follows former CIA agent, Bob Baer and former LAPD police lieutenant, Adam Bercovici, on their independent global investigation into Oswald, and the murder of JFK.

Filming in Moscow for a week. The production services we provided:

Location scouting, investigation – trying to find people who met Oswald personally, getting filming permits from the most complex location in Moscow, customs services, casting, local crew hire, sourcing props, logistics, catering.  

Location in Moscow: the Red Square, hotel Metropol, Manezhnaya Square, hotel “Berlin” reconstruction, public roads 

The Amazing Race in St Petersburg, Russia – CBS, Seven Network

The fixers from FilmspbTV were hired to facilitate the organization of the filming of the world-famous show the Amazing Race. Our producers and production managers took part in the organization of the following episodes: 

In cooperation with “First Field international”: Season 17 episodes 6 and 7. 

Services provided: 

Location scouting, location management, permit-getting procedures, props manufacturing and sourcing, printing

Amazing Race: Australia vs New Zealand, leg 5 in St Petersburg. 

Services provided: Location scouting, location management, permit-getting procedures, props manufacturing, set-dressing, logistics, catering, local crew hire.

For copyright resons we can’t place the videos of these episodes at our Website. 

Foeterien – a travel game show for Tebeo, TVR, TebeSud, Brezhoweb French TV channels

A great game and travel show filmind on one of the most known theme-routes in Russia – the Golden ring. A loop itinerary of 800 km split into 7 filming days. Visiting many old Russian cities. 

Services provided: Location scouting, contests creation, permit-getting procedures, transport, set-dressing, props manufacturing, catering, local crew hire, catering.

Locations for filming Foeterien in Russia: Moscow, Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl Zalesskiy, Rostov the Great, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Suzdal, Vladimir. 

Guerrero Latino – extreme powerlifting show for Univision Deportes

A great sports game show filmed in St Petersburg, Russia for the TV channel Univision Deportes. Part of the content created for the coverage of FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia. 

Production services provided: Locations scouting and management, Contests design, Props manufacturing, Catering, Logistics, participants casting, local crew hire, equipment rental

Locations in St Petersburg for this TV Production: Abandoned tram factory, Peter and Paul Fortress, battleship Aurora,  army trucks parking, hockey arena

Ultimo Tren A Russia – ESPN

An award-winning travel show filmed in 2017 in Russia. A train-travel through all the 11 world cup host cities. Martin Ainstein, the ESPN star host, tells several stories about the culture, kitchen and people in these Russian cities.

The production services we provided: Location scouting, Stories hunting and script developing assistance, customs services, local crew hire, logistics, granting access to complex locations

The locations for this filming in Russia: Train stations and the trains between 11 Russian cities, factories, restaurants, churches, mosques and private houses. Locations in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Sochi, Kaliningrad. Samara, Saransk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Rostov on Don and Volgograd

Separated at Birth – TLC

Filming of an excellent project in St Petersburg, Russia. 

Production services provided: Local production support, logistics, permit-getting procedures

Locations: St Petersburg

La jugada del Mundial – TUDN, Mexico

During the World Cup in Russia FilmspbTV was responsible for the creation of many great stories for the TV channels TUDN and Televisa. 

Great stories involving the famous singer Maluma and over 20 stories filmed with the Russian host Irina Baeva. 

Production services provided for these TV shows: Script creation, location scouting, location management, props manufacturing, casting, local crew hire, transport

Ancient Aliens – “Russia’s secret files”

Close to the city of Magnitogorsk our crew was responsible for building up the filming of the Ancient city of Arkaim. “Ancient Aliens” explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

Production services we provided: local crew hire, logistics, drone filming, getting permits

Locations for this filming: Arkaim Settlement, local museum

“LUKE! Die woche und ich” in Moscow – Sat.1

The host of the show is Luke Mockridge – a talented Italian-Canadian comedian. He was looking for great stories to illustrate his visit to Russia. A choir at the Red Square, a private visit to the biggest stadium in Russia and getting a personal training at the Astronaut preparation center in Moscow. The show was a complete success after airing.

Production services provided in Moscow: customs assistance, location scouting, fixer services, logistics

Locations for this filming: Red Square, Astronaut preparation center, Tverskaya street, Luzhniki Stadium

Many minor TV shows throughout Russia

Take Off: Der Goldene Tabaluga – ZDF channel

Filming in St Petersburg, Russia


Kadonneen jäljillä – Nelonen

Filming in Petrozavodsk and Kem


Pinoy Explorer – TV5

Filming in Moscow, St Petersburg and Kronshtadt


Hubertusjagd – Servus TV

Filming in St Petersburg


Say What – MTV, Finland

Filming in St Petersburg


Lost and Found – Warner Bros, NZ

Filming in Pskov, LAvri village and St Petersburg

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