Finding and scouting locations in Russia based on your request

Many years ago FilmspbTV started as a location scouting company. These are our roots. We know the country very well, as part of our crew are scouts, local guides, fixers and production managers. Yearly we make dozens of projects throughout Russia, finding and gaining access to incredible locations.

Many great places in Russia have filming restrictions. The most important skill for a location scout or location manager in Russia is to know how to get the required permits. FilmspbTV was the first TV production company in Russia to gain filming access to the cosmonaut preparation center – giving a chance to ride the host of a TV show on a centrifuge, dress him into a space suit and giving a try to authentic tube-packed food that is used by cosmonauts up on the ISS.

Our fixers know how to get the papers for filming inside restricted and border zone areas.

We need to get a detailed request on what are you looking for in Russia. The more details you can provide at the preproduction stage – the more efficient the search will be. We will send you many reference images and if needed videos from each location. Marking the sun path on each of the locations for your estimated filming dates.

As an example of our locations scouting work – we offered over 100 locations for the filming of the commercial of “American Tourister”. The locations request we had was – “please find us everything that is round in St Petersburg. Taking a look at the result – you will understand why round locations were required.

If for some reason the locations you were aiming to film in Russia result inaccessible (cost or access restrictions) we can help you finding alternative locations that will look quite alike. We have a big database of locations that includes palaces, mansions, industrial locations, stadiums, landscape locations, rural houses, private apartments and great viewpoints to iconic landmarks. We even know how to film the Red Square in Moscow without undertaking the complex permit-getting procedure.

Please fill in the form at our contacts page and send it to us. We will be back in touch instantly and will start working on your location scouting.

Upon request we will send you the CVs of our scouts and our filmography. 

Filming amazing commercials in Russia

SecRet, unusual, amazing and unknown locations for filming in Russia. OUR SCOUTS CHOICE: