TV production services provided by Filmspb For those who plan filming in Russia

We provide a full range of production and filming services in Russia. Our production managers are ready 24/7 to start working on your project.

We know how to bring your ideas to life and are always ready to offer ours.

filminG Permits

We will explain to you the difference between a Russian business, journalist and humanitarian visa. We will help choose the right visa type for your film crew in Russia. We will help you:

• Providing visa support services. We help in getting business and humanitarian Russian visas for filming purposes.

• Guiding you through the customs procedures required to visit Russia for filming purposes.

• Sharing contacts of reliable customs brokers that work with Russia.

• Recommending shipment companies that operate in Russia. And above all – we have TV production experience.


We will explain to you the difference between a Russian business, journalist and humanitarian visa. We will help choose the right visa type for your film crew in Russia. We will help you:

• Provide all kinds of filming equipment for rental in Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

• Delivering rented equipment to any Russian city.

• Russian arm, dolly and crane equipment


• Hiring the best English-speaking Russia-based TV professionals. Cameraman, soundman, lights assistants, dolly crew, FX, stunts, and much more.

• Organizing live broadcasts from any spot in Russia.

• FilmspbTV can make castings for professional Russian actors and crowd scenes performers.

• Finding Russian makeup artists and stylists for your production.

• English-speaking production managers with major TV production experience ready to join your project.


• Available local scouts in five Russian cities: Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Irkutsk, Vladivostok and Krasnoyarsk.

• Fixers in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Irkutsk are available 24/7.

• We have our personal database of Russian filming locations. Therefore, we can propose unique filming locations with exclusive access.

• Production support for a project that is filmed in Russia not depending on the scale.


• Accommodation services throughout Russia. Hotels booking or organizing local accommodation where it’s required. You will have a place where to sleep even when filming Russian reindeer herders. 500 km from the nearest hotel.

• Catering services are plentiful throughout Russia for TV productions. We know what a film crew needs on set.

• Transport services according to the requirements of the crew and the specifics of the region.


• Our producers can help you do all the risk assessments for a TV production in Russia.

• FilmspbTV has production insurance that covers third-party liability when filming in Russia. We can add your company to our production insurance for the period when you plan filming in Russia.

• FilmspbTV works with 100% transparent budgeting.
We strictly follow all the international anti-bribery acts. All the filming activities in Russia are transparent and legal.

• Our production managers provide all the required financial reporting documents along and after the filming.

• We can help you in creating the production plan for your TV production in Russia.


• Green screen studios rental in St Petersburg and in Moscow

• Select creative and technical personnel where and when you need them

• Making additional photos and videos of the filming process itself

• Organizing the filming of an interview or a conference throughout Russia


• Getting permits for flying a drone during a production in Russia

• Drone rental in Moscow and Saint Petersburg

• Finding privately owned drone footage

• Moreover, we can also organize helicopter shooting in Saint Petersburg, Karelia, or Irkutsk


• Explaining the Russian legal requirements for a TV production

• Preparing release forms that fit to the Russian legislation

• Bilingual contracts and agreements with a legal expertise

• Explaining the Russian taxation system applicable to international productions


• Building up TV productions that involve filming in several countries

• Planning complex logistics for travel and game shows of the Amazing Race format

• Reliable fixers with whom we have real working experience in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America

• English and Spanish speaking fixers available for your production


FilmspbTV stands as a premier video production service provider in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, offering a comprehensive array of services to facilitate seamless and professional filmmaking experiences. The company provides an extensive range of TV and film equipment for rental and works with the best English speaking camera crews.

FilmspbTV can assist in obtaining filming permits in Russia, streamlining a process that can be otherwise cumbersome. 

Recognizing the complexities of international productions, FilmspbTV extends its support to logistics and administrative matters. This includes providing invitations for business visas, a crucial service for foreign crews. Additionally, the company takes charge of facilitating customs procedures, easing the process of bringing film equipment into Russia.

With a commitment to excellence and a holistic approach to video production, FilmspbTV stands out as a reliable partner for filmmakers looking to create compelling content in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and in Siberia.