Studio Rental in Moscow and Saint Petersburg

FilmspbTV is a TV production company that offers comprehensive services to help you achieve your filming goals in Russia. One of the key services we provide is studios rental, including green screen studios available for rental in St Petersburg and Moscow.

We don’t own any studios, but we have extensive knowledge of the local market in St Petersburg, Moscow, and throughout Russia. Our team can help you organize a filming of any scale in a studio in either city, whether you’re looking for a large modern studio or a small green screen studio. Moscow and St Petersburg are both fantastic locations for filming, with a wide range of facilities and equipment rental companies available. Local green screen studios are perfect for virtual studios, building decorations, and filming commercials.
In addition to studios rental, we also offer broadcast equipment rental and local crew hiring services. Our extensive equipment inventory ensures that we can provide everything you need for a successful broadcast from either city.

We have established excellent relationships with all the studios operating in St Petersburg and Moscow, allowing us to provide transparent budgeting and competitive prices for all filming services. We can help you renting big pavilions of over 1000 m2 as well as small and cozy studios with unique interiors and green screen studios of all sizes.

At FilmspbTV, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their filming goals in Russia. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your filming objectives in any city throughout the country.