About our TV production company.

FilmspbTV is a Russian video production company with a headquarters in Saint Petersburg. We have branches in Moscow, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk and Sochi.

We are a team composed of location managers and highly professional administrators who coordinate work among multiple international locations. Our production company has a great experience in filming TV projects of all scales. In international filming, the key to success is to understand the differences in culture, language, and available technologies.

Filming in Russia

Our company details

Office address: 197022, Saint Petersburg, Kamennoostrovskiy pr. 63
Phone number: +7 (904) 601 2232

Our mission:

Our mission is simple: we deliver local video production talent wherever you need it, eliminating your stress and saving you money. We provide a wide range of services for video and film production in Russia. FilmspbTV is a professional source for location scouting in Russia and location management. We provide fixer services and filming equipment rental in Russia. Our managers are available for organizing castings in Saint Petersburg and in Moscow and obtaining filming permits. Our fixers in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, and Sochi are ready to work on your project.

Thus by providing crews locally, we reduce or eliminate travel costs. Because we know the local conditions in each city we serve, we’re able to protect you from needless hassles – saving you time and money.

We help foreign film crews and production companies with visas, invitations, accommodations, logistics, and any other issues throughout Russia.

Our fixers and managers speak fluently English and Spanish. Arabic, French, German, and Chinese-speaking fixers are also available upon request.

Contact our production company: info@filmspb.tv

Our Crew members:

Arsenio. That’s me. I’m the owner of FilmspbTV. Fixer in St Petersburg, Moscow and throughout Russia. IMDB profile – here

Arsenio Utekhin, owner of FilmspbTV

Alexandra. Production coordinator. She can find incredible things throughout Russia.

Alexandra. Production coordinator FilmspbTV

Alexey. Our Krasnoyarsk and Moscow fixer. Was once filming at -52C. Still alive.

Alexey, fixer in Krasnoyarsk

Anton. Our fixer in Irkutsk and in Buryatia. Knows everything about Siberia, about surviving in the wild and has a graet skill of ice driving.

Anton, fixer in Irkutsk and Lake Baikal area

Gleb. Our technical genius. Fixer in St Petersburg and the Arctic region.

Gleb. Technical director FilmspbTV

Call us: +7 904 601 22 32

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