Filming equipment rental in Saint Petersburg and Moscow: Cameras, sound equipment, lights

The complete list of cameras available for rental can be requested via WhatsApp or via email.

Sound equipment available for rental in Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Lighting equipment available for rental in Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Streaming, broadcast and multi-camera equipment available for rental in Russia

Grip and accessories available for rental in Moscow and Saint Petersburg
Terms and Conditions for equipment hire in Russia

Equipment hire in Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

FilmspbTV provides rental services throughout Russia. The equipment warehouses are situated in Moscow and St Petersburg. In both cities we work with several reliable rental companies to propose the best relation of price and quality.

If it’s the first time we work with your company and we don’t have a signed production contract – for renting any kind of equipment in these two cities you have two options:

You take the equipment accompanied by an assistant from the rental. You can use this person during your production as a lights assistant or as a camera assistant.
Leaving a cash deposit that equals to the cost of the equipment you rent
Lights vans, Grip trucks, Camera vans charge have their daily fees. If the filming takes place outside the city a fee will be added to the transportation cost, depending on the distance from the city limits.

Equipment hire in Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Yakutia, Sochi, Kazan or any other region of Russia.

Most probably the equipment will be flying from Moscow or St Petersburg. The equipment has to be accompanied or by a fixer from our production company or by an assistant from the rental.

We will pack the equipment as carefully as possible and will make an estimate of the insurance for the transportation of the equipment.

Travel days are billed as 0.5 of a production day.

Russian film crew available for hire in St Petersburg and Moscow

FilmspbTV can help you with finding English speaking professional film crew members. We work with great, reliable professionals. Here’s a list of crew members that we can source in Moscow and St Petersburg: DOP, Camerman, Soundman, Gaffer, lights assistants, Dolly crew, Crane crew, DIT, Focuspuller, Set constructors and props masters, Stunts, Pyro, Broadcast engineers, Drivers, Casting directors, Actors, Makeup artists, Stylists, Wardrobe assistants. The rates depend on the exact person, but all in all Russian film crew members are very professional and their rates are significantly lower than in US or in UK. Some good cameraman can be found in Vladivostok, Ekaterinburg, Kazan and Kaliningrad. For all other cities the crew will need travelling from Moscow or St Petersburg.

Regular filming day is 10 hours, which includes 1-hour long break for lunch. For lights and grip crews loading and unloading hours are also counted. Extra hours calculated as +15-20% for each hour on top of the original fee. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s possible to make a deal for getting 12 hours shifts.