Transport services provided by FilmspbTV to film crews in Russia

In Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Vladivostok, Sochi and Kazan FilmspbTV can provide to film crews with all the possible transport services. We work with reliable local transport companies that fit the local and international requirements regarding safety and insurance. Comfortable 6, 12 and 18 seater vans with drivers who have filming experience. If required by your risk assessment – we can increase the amounts of third party liability for the production period. Transport services in Russia that fit the expectations and the requirements of any film crew.

1. Special transport for filming in Moscow and Saint Petersburg: Make up vans, Camera vans, Generators, WC, Lights trucks, Grip trucks

Special transport for film crews: make up vans, lights trucks, camera trucks in russia

2. Transport services in other Russian cities: Irktusk, Yakutsk, Krasnoyarsk and other remote cities FilmspbTV can provide trucks and off-road vehicles rental

We work with reliable transport companies throughout the country. For projects that take place in remote parts of the country we will provide special vehicles like 4×4 vans or SUVs with local professional drivers.

3. Other transport services in Russia: charter flights and car rentals

Renting a car in Saint-Petersburg and in Moscow is quite easy. All the big international companies like Sixt, Avis, Hertz are working in Russia. You can preorder your car and to pick it up at the airport or to rent a car downtown. For long term rental, we recommend using national rental companies because their prices are lower. The usage of hired local cars by the members of a foreign film crew is possible. You will need to send the international version of your driving license. Helicopter rental and charter flight organization is also possible. Send us your request for transport services in Russia here: [email protected]
4. Accommodation services for film crews in Moscow, St Petersburg, Vladivostok, Kazan, Murmansk and Sochi

Over the years we made very good contacts with hotel networks throughout Russia. If a big film crew plans a long term project in any big Russian city – our production managers will be able to make a good package deal for your crew. Throughout Russia in the big cities you always can find decent accommodation. Ask us for advice. We will choose the best hotel for your production taking into consideration the location of the hotel, the traffic situation and the price of the accommodation. Please keep in mind, that due to the sanctions it’s currently impossible to pay using Visa, Mastercard or AmEx cards. Union pay is the only international card system that works in Russia

5. Hotels and accommodation in small cities and remote areas in Russia
In smaller cities in Russia many hotels are not listed in any service like or Tripadvisor. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to find accommodation. Our fixers will help you find the best local hotels or guesthouses and will make a deal with its owners. We will help you making a reservation at such hotels or guesthouses. Sadly in small Russian cities and towns, you will seldom find someone English-speaking at the reception.