Video production and fixer services for filming in Russia

Production and fixer services for filming in Saint Petersburg, Moscow and other Russian cities.

FilmspbTV fixers in Saint Petersburg

FilmspbTV is a production company that originally was based in St Petersburg with branches in Moscow, Irkutsk, and Vladivostok. From April 2022 our head office relocated in Lisbon, Portugal. We are offering filming services worldwide since 2009. Over 12 years we provide production services in Russia. Our mission is to deliver production services of the highest quality for you to enjoy your filming in Russia. We will help you in finding the best filming locations, applying for the required permits, providing highly professional and English speaking local film crew and providing production support on every production stage. We strictly follow international requirements for budget transparency, risk assessment, and production insurance. Our company has a great experience in filming in Russia major shows for BBC, CBS and Netflix. We know how to make our clients happy.

Film Production Services

Baikonur rocket launch filming by FilmspbTV fixers

Professional video production services throughout Russia. Experienced production managers and fixers from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Irkutsk and Vladivostok ready to start developing your commercial, TV show or movie filming in Russia

Filming permits in Russia

Fixers on a filming in Siberia

Help with understanding which film permits are needed for your filming. Preparing the official requests and sending them to the adecuate Russian authorities. Getting the filming permits for your shooting dates from the location owners or the state authorities that are responsible for the filming activities.

Equipment rental & Local crew

Filming with a jimmy jib in st petersburg Russia

Professional filming equipment and camera crew where you need it. Cameras with local english speaking cameraman, lights with a highly professional gaffer crew, sound equipment, set decorators, make up artists, casting directors and location scouts.

Visas & Customs support

Filming in the space preparation centre in Moscow with all the required permits

Defining the type of russian visa required for your crew for filming in Russia. Assistance with getting the visas – invitations, letters for business visas, humanitarian visas requests. Upon arrival to Russia – help with entering the country brining the filming equipment using a carnet ATA.

FilmspbTV has over twelve years of experience in broadcast production. We offer fully equipped and experienced crews whenever and wherever you need them. Our dedicated production team is on-call to answer your questions and provide immediate quotes. We have assisted tons of international companies and producers make their projects in Russia happen. Always on schedule and always with transparent budgeting. We are registered as a production company in Portugal, thus there are no legal restrictions for payments from any country in the world.

Filming in Saint Petersburg? Filming in Moscow? Are you looking for a fixer or a location scout in Russia? Do you need the film permits that are required to film in Lake Baikal? Looking for a reliable TV production company in Siberia? Certainly, the only thing you need to do is to contact us!

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We are prepared to overcome any challenge that comes our way. We will provide you all the visas, permits, equipment, and crew needed for filming in Russia! For building up your shooting in Russia please visit the following pages:

Legal requirements and permit getting procedures for filming in Russia

Visa types required for filming in Russia and customs procedures for importing filming equipment

Choosing the best filming locations in Russia for your project

Drone flight permits and requirements in Russia

FAQ about filming in Russia

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Take a look at the latest projects filmed by FilmspbTV in Russia:

  • Relocating our business to Portugal
    Relocating the headoffice of our Production Company to Lisbon, Portugal In April 2022 FilmspbTV relocated the headoffice from St Petersburg, Russia to Lisbon, Portugal. Our local brand name is Penguin Decision. We had to...
  • Filming for Fujitsu in Samara, Russia
    FilmspbTV organized the filming of several interviews in Samara. During the COVID pandemics it’s very complex to bring a crew or a director from abroad to Russia. FilmspbTV has great english-speaking DOPs and a...
  • Filming a show in Yakutia for the Norwegian TV channel NRK
    FilmspbTV organized the filming on the show “Jorden rundt på seks steg” (Aroud the world in six steps). The filming took place in one of the coldest places on earth – Yakutia. We organized...
  • TvN and Netflix. Bulgasal: Immortal souls. Filming in Siberia.
    FilmspbTV contributed to a great project – “Bulgasal: Immortal souls”. This project is a South Korean supernatural drama availabe on Netflix with epic views as the backgorund. Our crew was in charge of filming...
  • BBC Four – How We Tamed the Cat and the Dog
    Recently was released a great program “Our pets and the miracle of domestication”. Scientists from all over the world tell the story of this process. FilmspbTV was responsible for the facilitation of the filming...