Top Gear filming in Russia. FilmspbTV. Season 22 episode 1

FilmspbTV did one of the most complex projects ever: a filmed race through the city during the rush hour. One vehicle on the water (a hovercraft), a car and a bicycle on public roads and filming in the public transport and in the underground. Everything simultaneously. It was the filming of an episode of the famous show Top Gear in Russia. 

Just some of the permits that were needed for this to happen:

For the first time in history to let a hovercraft enter the small rivers in the historic part of Saint Petersburg.

To get the permission to park the hovercraft on a meadow in front of a palace.

To cross on two motorbikes the most important pedestrian area in the city during the rush hour.

To get a filming permit from the metro of Saint Petersburg to film part of the race inside during regular working hours.

To get a permit for the helicopter to overfly the city for filming the race from a helicopter

Our company was entirely responsible for theTop Gear filming in Russia. Firstly scouting the locations and the planning of the possible itineraries through St Petersburg. Secondly – permit-getting procedures and negotiations with all the city authorities that were involved. Further – vessels and vehicles hire and insurance and the organization of a police convoy for part of the crew. Finally – the rental of a helicopter and all the equipment required for filming the race from the chopper. Filming day logistics and catering. Paying special attention for all the crew members to have warm meals.

Services: Location scouting, Filming permits, Risk assessment, Logistics, Fixer services, Local crew, Equipment rental, security services

Local Crew: Fixers, location managers, cameraman, tech crew

Location: Saint Petersburg


Top Gear in Saint Petersburg, Russia