General information about TV production in Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl is one of the oldest cities in Russia and the central city of the Russian ‘Golden Ring’. It is located on the banks of the Volga river, 260 km northeast of Moscow, and 770 km southeast of Saint Petersburg.

Yaroslavl is famous mostly for its historical center and its numerous churches and monasteries. The Old town combines buildings from different epochs. The oldest one is the Yaroslavl Kremlin at the bourse of the Volga and Kotorosl’ rivers. Later buildings of the 13th, 15th and also 17th centuries and some from Catherine the Great’s epoche. That’s why Yaroslavl is part of the UNESCO world heritage list. In Yaroslavl, you literally travel in time: ancient Russian architecture is adjacent to more modern buildings, and it looks completely natural.

Numerous temples are located on the sides of Volga. They were built mainly by merchants as the Volga is a navigable river, and so Yaroslavl always was a major trading city.

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Key locations for filming
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One of the most famous landmarks in Yaroslavl is the UNESCO-listed city center, which is home to many beautiful architectural and cultural treasures. The city’s historic churches and monasteries are also popular filming locations, including the beautiful Assumption Cathedral, the Spassky Monastery, and the Church of Elijah the Prophet. FilmspbTV fixers can provide you all the required film permits for filming in Yaroslavl temples and monasteries.
Yaroslavl’s historic streets and courtyards offer a variety of opportunities for filming, with many beautiful examples of Russian architecture from different periods. The picturesque embankment of the Volga River is another popular location, offering stunning views of the river and the city skyline.
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Other notable locations for filming in Yaroslavl include the Governor’s Palace, the Yaroslavl Museum of Art, and the city’s many parks and gardens. The city’s rich history and cultural heritage make it an ideal location for period dramas and historical documentaries, while its beautiful scenery and vibrant city life offer plenty of opportunities for modern productions.
The Park of the 1000th Anniversary of Yaroslavl, yet another key location in the city, is situated on the Volga embankment. This place, popular among residents of the city, offers picturesque views of the river. Every summer in the Park a musical fountains’ show takes place.

The famous Yaroslavl Ferris wheel, called not other than ‘The Golden Ring’, also belongs to the Park.

Russia’s first public theatre was founded in 1750 in Yaroslavl by Fyodor Volkov, a well-known theatrical actor. Since ‘Volkov theatre’ is located in its historical building it provides wide facilities for filming on historical subjects. Till now it is still considered the most important provincial theatre in Russia.

The oldest company in the city is the ‘Krasny Perekop’ linen and textile mill. It works up to the present and attracts attention with its impressive appearance. Green foliage covers the building in the summer-time and the pipes rise high above the bank of the Kotorosl’ river. A very cinematic railway bridge constructed in the late 19th c. leads from the city to the factory building.

Yaroslavl has a lot of well-restored historical buildings that used to belong to merchants, Sorokin’s homestead (‘The House with Lions’) and the Doncov-Lopatin homestead among them. They look authentically, are available for visiting and filming, and reveal the everyday life of a pre-revolutionary Russian provincial city.

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Building up a TV production in Yaroslavl

FilmspbTV is excited to be organizing a TV production in Yaroslavl, Russia. Our scouts are familiar with the city and have executed several successful projects there in the past. We’re looking forward to showcasing the city’s rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant cultural scene on film.
To make this production a success, we’ll need to bring all the filming equipment and crew from Moscow, which requires careful coordination and planning. Our team is experienced in organizing productions in remote locations, and we’re confident that we can handle the logistics smoothly.

Yaroslavl is a city with a wealth of filming locations, from its historic city center and churches to its picturesque riverbank and gardens. We’re happy to bring our production values and creativity to this fascinating location and create a high-quality production that captures the essence of Yaroslavl.

You can find the information about visas and customs procedures required for filming in Russia here.