Permits for legal drone usage and filming in Russia

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Saint Petersburg, Russia amaizing for filming

Laws and regulations for drone usage in Russia


On February 3, 2020, the Russian government adopted a new resolution, according to which the owners of drones weighing from 250 grams to 30 kilograms can now fly without obtaining a flight permit if they comply with a number of simple requirements:

  • The drone must weigh between 250 grams and 30 kilograms
  • The drone must be registered with the Federal Air Transport Agency
  • The flight takes place during daylight hours
  • The flight takes place within the operator’s line of sight
  • The flight takes place at an altitude below 150 meters
  • The flight takes place outside the controlled zones, special and prohibited zones or landing areas
  • The flight takes place outside of public events.
  • If the flight takes place over a populated area, you need permission from local authorities

For filming inside the city area – legal drone filming throughout Russia is only possible if you get a filming permit from the local flight authorities. In other words, filming without the permit-getting procedure is possible only in some remote areas like Lake Baikal or Yakutia.

Important! If the drone weighs less than 0.25 kg, it is not necessary to register it!

Saint Petersburg Production Team can facilitate the drone filming permit throughout Russia. To get the film permit for a drone you are importing we will need the following information:

  1. Exact filming location (including GPS coordinate)
  2. Filming date and time
  3. S/N of the drone you plan using for filming in Russia
  4. Name and last name of the drone pilot
  5. a short description of your filming
  6. The contacts of someone Russian-speaking. This person will be the contact person during the filming for the flight authorities.

Please email this information to us on [email protected]

Coordination of the flight of a drone inside the city limits takes from 2 to 7 days, depending on the region and the complexity of the task. If you need flying and filming inside zones which are indicated as “no-fly” or “red” – you need getting first the permit from the organization that is responsible for the safety and airspace of the location.

Fines for the violation of the laws and regulations of the airspace usage in 2020 are:

For private persons 20-50 000 rubles

For legal entities 250 – 300 000 rubles

Permits for drone filming in Moscow

To launch an aircraft, including a drone, in the airspace over Moscow, you need to obtain permission from the Department of Regional Security of Moscow.

To do this, you need to submit an application (personally or by mail) to the Department (address: Novy Arbat Street, 36).

It is necessary to indicate in the application:

 Full name;
• Russian SNILS reg number;
• Passport details including registration data;
• Contact phone number and email address;
• Date, time and place of launch, altitude and duration of the flight;
• Information about the purpose of the flight

After you get the permission, immediately before launching the drone, you will need to notify the Moscow Zonal Center of the Unified Air Traffic Management System. The dispatchers will check that there are no other aircrafts near the launch site. 

Helicopter filming in Russia

We can organize aerial filmings using a helicopter in Saint-Petersburg, Irkutsk, Karelia, Murmansk and Sochi.
We organize helicopter filming throughout Russia.
For making amazing aerial plans of our beautiful city we will need to rent a helicopter, to rent a gyrostabilization system, and to get the permit for filming Saint-Petersburg from air. You have to write down the list of places you want to get filmed or the precise itinerary. There are lots of restrictions concerning this kind of filmings in Russia.

Also it’s obligatory to make an insurance policy for third-party liability during the shooting. Due to a complicate system of coordinating with local authorities the preparation may take up to two weeks. We recommend using MI-8 helicopters (it’s a medium twin-turbine transport helicopter). We have the best professionals (pilots and cameraman) for doing this!

In January 2015 our company finalized the process of getting a long-term permit for filming the city from the air. The time needed for preparing such a shot is reduced to one week. Also, we became partners of the biggest helicopter rental company in Saint Petersburg, so now you have a good choice of helicopters: