Money, Currency and credit cards usage in Russia

Currency: Russian Rouble (RUR) [rubl’]
Notes: RUR: 10, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000
Coins: RUR: 1, 2, 5, 10, 50

Credit Cards/Travellers Cheques usage during a TV production in Russia:

Important update as of 2023. At the moment all cards of Visa and Mastercard systems do not work in russia. Only UnionPay cards can be used for regular payments or cash withdrawals. 

Either bring cash or ask our fixers to provide you a local bank card for the production period. 

Cash payments are very popular in Russia. When planning a TV production somewhere outside the city area in Russia – try brining as much cash as possible with you.

Customs norms and regulations for brining the cash into the country – up to 10000 euro per person. Or ask your fixer to facilitate some Russian cash.

Dollar notes should preferably be dated after 1993 and be in good condition. The exchange of travellers cheques is impossible. When filming in rural areas of Russia for production purposes we highly recommend taking cash roubles. Keep in mind that 5000 bills are not welcome in small shops in small towns. ATMs exist in all major cities, be aware of charges for cash withdrawals.

General information about Russian Banks:

Russian banks opening hours are not strictly set. Nevertheless the most popular opening hours in Russia are:
Bank: 0930-1730 Mon-Fri
Office: 0900-1800 Mon-Fri
Shops: 0900-1900 Mon-Sat
Most food shops operate 24/7
If you wish to purchase roubles in Russia, you should take US dollars or Euros to change. However, it is illegal to pay directly for general transactions with US Dollars or Euros. Only change money at banks or hotels. It is not recommended to exchange money dealing with street traders.
Inform your bank before you travel to Russia to avoid having a temporary stop on your card. Be aware you may be charged for cash withdrawals.

Sanctions against Russian banks. Payments to Russian private accounts

Sanctions mainly refer to Russian state-owned companies and companies mentioned into the sanctions lists. At the moment private banking accounts are not under sanctions. Some banking institutions like Sberbank are under sanctions, but this only refers to their investment foundations and accounts held by Russian state-owned companies.