Guide to filming in Russia


Guide to filming in Russia

Our aim is to make your shoot in Russia and Saint Petersburg as straightforward as possible. We can help you to select the best places for filming and to get the permits needed. We tried to put together all the information a film crew needs when planning to travel to Russia. For making our services even better – we let us know what kind of other information could be useful for you.

Here you will find information about:

General information about Russia

Useful facts and information for filming in Russia

Filming permits required to film in Russia

General information about filming permits in Russia.

Local laws and Regulations in Russia

General safety recommendations to foreigners in Russia.

Visa and Passport requirements

Passport & Visa requirements for entering Russia

General information about Russian Customs regulations

Bringing filming equipment to Russia using the Carnet ATA explained

Visa types and customs procedures for filming

Important information about Russian visas and customs procedures when visiting Russia for filming purposes.

Medical Services in Russia

Health risks and recommended vaccines for visiting Russia. General information about medical services throughout Russia

Accommodation and Transport in Russia

Transport adn accommodation services provided by FilmspbTV to film crews in Russia.

Drone and aerial filming in Russia

Legal drone filming in Russia. Helicopter filming in Russia

Climatic conditions in Russia

General information about the weather and climatic zones in Russia

Russian currency

Money, Currency and credit cards usage in Russia

Budgeting for your filming

Information about budgeting, contracts, wire transfers, sanctions, etc.

If you have any questions about filming in Russia and Saint Petersburg please email, or fill in the contact us form