Category: Recent FilmspbTV projects

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Relocating our business to Portugal

Relocating the headoffice of our Production Company to Lisbon, Portugal In April 2022 FilmspbTV relocated the headoffice from St Petersburg, Russia to Lisbon, Portugal. Our local brand name is Penguin Decision. We had to...

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Filming for Fujitsu in Samara, Russia

FilmspbTV organized the filming of several interviews in Samara. During the COVID pandemics it’s very complex to bring a crew or a director from abroad to Russia. FilmspbTV has great english-speaking DOPs and a...

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BBC Four – How We Tamed the Cat and the Dog

Recently was released a great program “Our pets and the miracle of domestication”. Scientists from all over the world tell the story of this process. FilmspbTV was responsible for the facilitation of the filming...