Sports documentaries for TUDN, USA filmed in Russia

FilmspbTV is proud to have played a key role in the creation of several fascinating documentaries about sports, hosted by the incredible journalist Ivan Kasanzew. Our team conducted extensive research on the history of Soviet and Russian sports and identified the best experts to provide insightful commentary on the various topics covered in the documentaries.

We were also able to gain access to several celebrity sportsmen and officials, allowing us to record interviews with them that added a truly unique and compelling element to the project.

When the documentaries were aired, they were met with great enthusiasm from audiences around the world, who were captivated by the fascinating stories and expert analysis presented in each episode.

At FilmspbTV, we are committed to producing top-quality content that entertains, informs, and engages audiences. We are proud of the role we played in bringing these documentaries to life and look forward to continuing to create compelling content for clients around the world.

Services: Filming coordination, Filming permits, Location scouting

Local Crew: Fixer

Location: Saint Petersburg, Moscow


Legendary ice hockey players interviews in russia