Dry Valley – feature film production in Russia

The fixers of FilmspbTV  were hired to help to film a full feature film by Alexandra Strelyanaya. Dry Valley is a film produced by Rock Films, Gorky Film Studio with the financial support Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

We were in charge for the location scout in Russia, Pskov district. We travelled a lot through the region of the city Pskov searching for a place to build decorations, searching for old monasteries and churches.

We provided 3 minivans, 2 buses and 2 trucks for accessing locations situated far from the main roads. One of the trucks was transformed into a generator platform. Now this is the only heavy truck based generator in the north-western part of Russia.

We were responsible for the administrative part of the project. Accommodation, call sheets, catering, finding props, organizing FX (renting local fire trucks) and renting local ambulances to be present at the filming set for the days when stuntmen were used.

We had to get permits for filming at the territory of a state reserve, a permit from the state museum Izborsk and a permit from the Russian Orthodox church.

Working on this full feature was a great experience for all the FilmspbTV crew.

Services: Location scouting, filming coordination

Local Crew: Fixer

Location: Pskov


Filming a full feature in Russia