Bachelorovsky – a romantic reality show starring Julian Gil

FilmspbTV is excited to have been a part of the production team for the romantic reality show “Bachelorovsky,” filmed for Univision Deportes in Russia. The show follows the classic “Lucky Bachelor” format, with Julian Gil, the famous Argentinian actor and model, dating 10 stunning Russian girls in the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg in search of his perfect match.

We were proud to provide a wide range of services to ensure the success of the project. Our team conducted location scouting and casting for the girls, as well as creative planning for each episode to invent unique and visually stunning dating situations.

We also handled the logistical challenges of obtaining filming permits and providing equipment rental, local sound crews, and a make-up artist to ensure that every aspect of production was seamlessly executed.

The end result was a beautiful and engaging reality show that captivated audiences around the world. At FilmspbTV, we are committed to delivering high-quality content that entertains and inspires, and we are proud to have been a part of this project.

Services: Filming coordination, Filming permits, Location scouting, Local crew, Equipment rental, Casting

Local Crew: Fixer, Sound crew, Lights crew, Make up 

Location: Saint Petersburg


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