Big documentary about Amber for Qatar TV filmed in Russia

Filming a documentary about Amber in Russia

A big project was aired on Qatar TV – a documentary about Amber that was filmed in Kaliningrad, Russia with the help of FilmspbTV. The filming took place in 2019. For over a week our film crew had access to the Amber combine in Kaliningrad for being able to cover all the stages of the mining and it took over a week to cover the entire process of amber extraction and processing.

With complete access to the quarry and the processing plant – the crew was able to film every single step of the process. After strict security checks we were even allowed to film inside the treasury and inside the jewellery manufacturing department of the amber combine. Add there the filming inside the Amber room in Catherine’s palace at the outskirts of Saint Petersburg. All this allows the project to become a comprehensive story about Amber, from the quarry to the shop with souvenirs and to the hospitals where amber is used as an antiseptic.

Services: Equipment rental, logistics, local crew, filming permits

Local Crew: Drone operator, fixer

Location: Kaliningrad, Moscow, St Petersburg


filming the process of amber production in kaliningrad for QTV