Drain the Oceans: Amber room episode for National Geographic

FilmspbTV is proud to have contributed to the episode about the Amber room in the famous documentary “Drain the Oceans”. Our team managed to get exclusive access to the workshops where the Amber room was reconstructed and we were able to film inside Catherine’s Palace and inside the Amber room itself. In addition, we organized an exclusive interview with the person who was in charge of the entire reconstruction process. Our team worked hard to obtain the necessary filming permits, and our fixers ensured that everything went smoothly during the filming process in Saint Petersburg. 

We are thrilled to have been part of this project, which explored the fascinating history and mysteries surrounding the Amber room, and we hope that our contribution helped to shed new light on this incredible piece of art and history.

Services: Filming coordination, Filming permits, Equipment rental, Local Crew

Local Crew: Fixer, DOP, Sound crew, tech crew 

Location: Saint Petersburg


Filming at the Amber Room in Catherine's palace