Filming at the Russian Golden Ring the game show “Foeterien”

One of the most known theme-routes in Russia – the Golden ring. Eight cities situated North-East from Moscow create a loop itinerary of around 800 km. This itinerary was chosen for hosting a season of the great Breton game show “Foeterien” that is filmed by Gwengolo Filmou for Tebeo – TVR – TebeSud – Brezhoweb French TV channels. Filming at the Russian Golden Ring was a great choice!

Starting from Moscow, teams had to travel first to Sergiev Posad, a city that has one of the greatest Russian monasteries. It offers great filming possibilities if you get a permit from the Orthodox church authorities. After filming in Sergiev Posad teams made their way to Pereslavl-Zalesskiy. A very nice small town with great old architecture founded in 1152. You can find here some great lakes with nice-looking churches along the shore. The third city on the itinerary was Rostov – one of the oldest cities in Russia that was first mentioned in documents in 862. As local landmarks you will find a great monastery and an exceptional Kremlin (Kremlin is the Russian word for fortress).

After Rostov teams made their way to Yaroslavl and Kostroma – two very important and old cities situated on the Volga river. Great landscapes and wide possibilities for filming traditional activities. The further itinerary was to drive through Ivanovo and Suzdal to the great city of Vladimir. Along the way the contestants faced challenges related to local culture and history. Out of the best challenges – piling wood, bringing water in buckets using a rocker and making a boat race.

Please enjoy the final result of the Golden Ring filming at the Tebeo website.

Services: Scouting, creative production, equipment rental, logistics, filming permits

Local Crew: Fixer, Drivers

Location: Moscow, Vladimir and Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Sergiev Posad


Filming a game show in Moscow