The United Nations COSP 6 conference in St Petersburg coverage

FilmspbTV is delighted to report the success of our recent project in Saint Petersburg, where we provided our expert services to the government of Morocco on the COSP 6 conference organized by the UN. As a production company, we provided a range of services, including equipment rental and a local crew. Our team was dedicated to ensuring the smooth running of the conference and capturing the important discussions and speeches of the event.

The COSP 6 conference held by the UN is a crucial global event that brings together key stakeholders to discuss and advance global goals on organized crime. Our team was honored to have been a part of this important event and to have contributed to the successful outcome of the conference.

We are proud to have provided quality equipment and an experienced local crew that met the specific needs of the government of Morocco. The results of our efforts were evident in the final product, and we are grateful to have been a part of this significant production.

Services: Equipment rental, local crew

Local Crew: Fixer, Cameraman, Soundman

Location: Saint Petersburg


Production crew for broadcast events in St Petersburg