Filming Maluma in Russia. Special project for Televisa

During the FIFA World Cup 2018 our company made several great programs and events. One one of them was a series of small stories about the great Colombian singer Maluma. Filming in Russia with us is easy!

Our company was responsible for facilitating the locations and the filming permits. For all these episodes we provided great places, props and local contacts.

During his stay in Moscow Maluma tried many activities: taking part in a training of SAMBO (Russian national martial arts). Acrobatic horse riding with the best cossack riders. Driving through Moscow while filming a carpool. Playing football with the hosts of Univision Deportes. Meeting beautiful local dancers who know how to enchant you with their movements. This last one was particularly great: the girls are big Maluma fans. We surprised them – bringing their idol to their training. As a result – the video below, that became viral

Services: Scouting, filming permits, casting

Local Crew: Fixer, Cast

Location: Moscow


Filiming Maluma in Moscow