Historical reconstruction in Saint Petersburg, Russia for Tissot

In 2019 FilmspbTV is proud to have organized the filming of some reconstruction episodes of the Tissot History video. FilmspbTV provided a great english speaking gaffer crew, dolly and FX. Snowy forest landscapes, wolfs and horses – what can be cooler? Any filming that involves animals is always challenging. Nature filming in winter in Russia is always a double challenge. However our fixers know how to organize the filming process to keep the crew warm and happy.

For nature filmings throughout Russia in winter we have the following recommendations: above all – plan carefully the filming hours. Don’t plan shifts with more than two consecutive hours outdoors when the temperature is below -10C. Second – we recommend using thermo boxes for the batteries, for keeping them fully charged. Third – having a heated tent with a small buffet inside is a must. In addition we can source warm cloth for your crew members in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Irkutsk. For extreme cold filming conditions additional protection of the equipment is required, contact us to know more about it.

For this filming we provided props, locations, crew, transport and local cast.  In conclusion, please enjoy the great result of this filming – the story of the best watches:


filming in russia for tissot a hestorical reconstruction