Photo shoot for Facebook in Vladivostok organized by FilmspbTV

In 2019 FilmspbTV organized a photoshoot at the Russian far-east. For filming in Vladivostok we provided:

  • Locations
  • Casting
  • Make up and Hair
  • Styling
  • Props
  • Logistics
  • Equipment rental
  • Technical support of the filming

For the Asia-Pacific region Vladivostok is above all a great location for filming “Russian” episodes. This is particulary convinient for Crews from Japan and South Korea. With minimal travel times get to a place with great filming locations. Our client was BEIGE Creative & Co Inc, making the photoshot for Facebook USA. This project was filmed in 7 countries by the celeb photographer Steve Gaudin. Project name “Asia-Pacific Small-Business Campaign”.

Sadly Vladivostok doesn’t have a wide choice of professional filming equipment. As a result most things have to be brought from Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Nevertheless good props masters and stylists can be found locally.


photo shoot in russia 2