Say What. Show filmed for MTV Finland

Filming stories about the modern life in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg Production team organized a filming for a Finnish production company in 2018. Several very interesting and unusual locations and events around Saint Petersburg. We provided transport, locations, permits and production support. For getting the best footage from the best places we found:

  1. A ceremony of the Slavic Native Faith (Rodnovery). In a place not far from the city we were filming a rithual of a modern pagan religion followers.
  2. Sadly one of the last appearances on TV of a legendary person for the cultural life of Saint Petersburg – the founder and ideologist of the John Lennon’s Cathedral – Kolya Vasin. Shortly after the filming he passed away, but in this program you can see his kind, naive and beautiful ideas.
  3. An interview with a russian Jahovah’s witness. This organization that was banned by Russian authorities. This ban is very discussed nowadays. A lucky possibility to find out how things are today. Our fixers in Saint Petersburg had to make a big effort to make this interview happen.
  4. Filming cossack culture nowadays. Stunt horse riding, traditions, orthodoxy, songs and dances. Who are the modern cossacks?
  5. Visiting a cathedral in Saint Petersburg. Talking about orthodoxy today. Filming a very interesting ceremony – blessing of a car.
  6. Talking to an orthodox MC.
  7. Filming moonshiners in Saint PEtersburg. A hobby that gets very popular nowadays

Summarizing: this project resulted in a very interesting mix of everything you can find in modern Russia. For our fixers in Russia it was a great challenge. We had to find these stories and to convince the participants to answer some questions that weren’t pleasant to them. The highly professional work of the Finnish crew led to a brilliant result. This program shows Russia from a unique angle.

Services: Scouting, filming permits, logistics

Local Crew: Fixer

Location: Saint Petersburg


Filming for MTV Finland in Russia