The Amazing Race filming in Saint Petersburg

FilmspbTV is proud to have organized The Amazing Race filming in Russia for CBS. 

Our managers co-working with the company First Field International were responsible for all the preparation for episodes 6 and 7 of the 17th season of the reality “Amazing Race” in Saint-Petersburg. We did an enormous location scouting in Saint Petersburg, Russia:

We made a list of over 30 locations, which are typical for Russia and for Saint Petersburg. The main idea was to show the best of the city, finding places of interest where it is possible to make a quest or a contest for the participants of the reality.
We had over 20 cars with drivers rented for this project. Our managers were 24/7 monitoring their routes. Well planned and well-organized logistics helped us to spare a lot of time. Filming in Saint-Petersburg you always have to pay attention to traffic jams and to the openings of the bridges. Open bridges make it almost impossible to access from one part of the city to another – keep this in mind planning night shootings.
We provided 40 English speaking administrators, helped to import equipment and props using carnet ATA, casted musicians, actors and crowd scene, an orchestra at the circus, 20 piano players, 4 clowns, amazingly nice “babushkas” working at the potato field, a bear riding a motorcycle, etc.

Our crew was responsible for the legal support of the filming in Russia. To legally organize this filming in Russia we had to get over 70(!) permits from different authorities: Committee of culture, Committee of law, Committee of transport, Committee of roads and bridges, police departments, fire departments, district administrations, owners of buildings, private security services etc.
For two shooting days we had 19 independent filming sets with administrators and security. Generators, catering, crowd scene, etc. The filming was a complete success!

Services: Location scouting, Filming permits, Equipment rental, Local crew, Casting, Fixer services 

Local Crew: Fixers, cameraman, drivers, interpreters

Location: Saint Petersburg


Filming the amazing race in Russia