The Bachelor reality show filmed in St Petersburg

FilmspbTV is pleased to have been a part of the filming of an episode of the Russian version of the popular reality show based on The Bachelor format for the TV channel YU. As a production company, we provided location scouting and permit getting services for the filming of the final episode.

In this popular TV show format, a group of fifteen women compete for the heart of a wealthy bachelor who is looking for love. The contestants live in a luxurious mansion and compete for the grand prize of a wedding with the millionaire.

FilmspbTV worked hard to identify the perfect location for the final episode and obtain all the necessary permits for filming. We understand the importance of capturing the perfect shot and ensuring that every detail is in place to make the production a success.

At FilmspbTV, we are committed to delivering high-quality production services to our clients. We are proud to have been a part of this exciting project and to have contributed to the success of the show. With our experience and expertise, we are confident that we can provide the support needed to make any project a success.

Services: Location scouting, Location management, Filming permits

Local Crew: Fixer

Location: St Petersburg


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