The Biggest Game Show in the World filmed in France

The multi-country gameshow is produced by Mistral and based on the French indie’s successful Intercities format. This version of the reality show has different names all around the world “Intervilles – international”, “The biggest game show in the world”,  “Bolshie Gonki” in the version for Channel One Russia.
FilmspbTV was working on three consecutive seasons of the show (2010, 2011б 2012). The shooting took place in the French city Cerny. We were responsible for the administrative part of the project: our task was to realize the interaction of the Russian filming crew with the local production (Mistral production, France). Negotiations, planning logistics, making the set administration and working with the participants (meeting, accommodation, etc.)

Services: Filming permits, coordination

Local Crew: Fixer

Location: Cerny, France


Filming a game show in France