Tiger Beer commercial filmed in Russia

The Tiger Beer Reunion Project is a heartwarming initiative that reunites friends who have lost touch over the years. The project invites people to share their stories of friendship and selects a few lucky individuals to be reunited with their long-lost friends, all while enjoying a cold Tiger Beer together. We are very glad to present you another commercial that was filmed with the help of our crew in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 2016.

The first Singapore’s locally brewed beer became the first beer commercial we were working on as a production company. Please enjoy the video (well, and the beer as well) – https://fb.watch/k2Mm_zxGLY/


Services: Scouting, filming permits, equipment rental, local crew

Local Crew: Fixer, camera assistant, focus puller, drivers, gaffer, grip

Location: St Petersburg


Filming a commercial for Tiger Beer in Russia