Travel show Keyyo med Rheborg i Ryssland for SVT, Sweden

FilmspbTV is proud to have been involved in a recent project that spanned four Russian cities and brought together talent and production teams from both Russia and Sweden. Keyyo med Rheborg i Ryssland is a travel show produced by the Swedish platform SVT, and our production managers were thrilled to provide a range of key services that helped make this project a success.

Among the many services we provided were location scouting, securing filming permits, logistics planning, filming coordination, and security services for the crew. We also helped secure permits to film on the famous Trans-Siberian train, which added a truly unique and exciting element to the production.

We were particularly excited to help Kristina “Keyyo” Petrushina return to her hometown of Omsk in Siberia, which she left as a child. Through our support and expertise, we were able to create a safe and successful filming experience that captured the beauty and excitement of this part of the world.

At FilmspbTV, we are proud of the role we played in bringing Keyyo med Rheborg i Ryssland to life, and we look forward to continuing to provide top-quality production services to clients around the world.

Services: Filming coordination, Filming permits, Location scouting

Local Crew: Fixer

Location: Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Omsk


Filming in Russia for a TV channel from Sweden