Vos Sos music video

Filming a music video – another great project realized by FilmspbTV

In December 2018 our team was hired to build up the filming of a music video for a Colombian singer. We were in charge of the following:

First – locations. Fabulous palaces, amazing embankments and modern architecture places in Saint Petersburg. Second – casting. FilmspbTV found a talented, beautiful model who was very interested in the project. Third – logistics. Transport for the film crew and careful planning of the itineraries allowed us to do more than you usually expect from one filming day.

The creativeness of the DOP helped using the locations we had in the best possible way. We hope that this music video will be a big success. The interiors of the Summer Palace helped to visualise the beauty of the song and the winter episodes filmed outdoors sublined the cold style of Saint Petersburg. Our team is looking forward to co-work in the future with Toby Holguin again.

Services: Scouting, filming permits, logistics, equipment rental, local crew

Local Crew: Fixer, DOP, Cast

Location: Saint Petersburg


Filming a Music video in St Petersburg, Russia