We opened a new branch of our production in Yakutia

Yakutia is one of the most interesting places in Russia. It has many places that give unique filming possibilities. So from now on we can propose to you the organization of a filming in Yakutia of any complexity at the following locations: Yakutsk, Oymyakon, Lena Pillars, Verhoyansk, Ust-Nera, Tiksi and Mirniy. Filming in Magadan Region is also possible.

There’s an incredible amount of things that can be filmed there:

  • The coldest place on earth
  • Experiments with the cold
  • Permafrost regions and untouched nature
  • Diamond mining process
  • Gold mining
  • Mammoth museum and Mammoth bones hunting
  • GULAG camps leftovers
  • Nomadic reindeer herders and their traditions
  • Sacred mountains and shaman rituals

Extreme travel programs that require places never before visited by anyone.

We highly recommend planning the trip at least 30-45 days ahead. It will give enough time to get all the required filming permits in Yakutia region. Film permits for national parks and reserves may take 5-10 days. Filming permits for diamond mines or gold mines may take up to 60 days.

Some regions of Yakutia are border zones, thus a foreign film crew will need to get special permits to access the area from the local department of the Federal Security Service in Russia. Our fixers will gladly build up a budget for your filming in Yakutia and can make a location scouting based on your request.


Fixer services for filming in Yakutia